Using Content: ILL
The CONTU Guidelines
Test Your Copyright Knowledge
What You Need To Know
  • CONTU Guidelines for copying from periodicals apply only to materials less than five years old (referred to as part of the "rule of five").
  • Up to five articles may be copied from a single periodical in one calendar year under the ILL provision (referred to as part of the "rule of five").
  • A library with a subscription for a periodical which is not immediately available may consider a copy obtained from another library as if made from its own collection.
  • All ILL requests must be accompanied by a copyright compliance statement from the requesting library. The requesting library must maintain records of all requests and of their fulfillment. These records must be kept for three calendar years after the request has been made.
  • No more than six copies of articles/chapters/small portions may be made from a non-periodical (including a book) during the entire term of copyright of the work.
  • For copying beyond the CONTU Guidelines, the library may need to obtain copyright permission directly from the copyright holder or from a representative such as Copyright Clearance Center.

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