Rights Licensing

Today’s technology makes it easy for people to find and share content instantly, often without regard for intellectual property rights. Web solutions and communication tools such as smart phones and tablets are compounding this ease of sharing.

Licensing Your Content Video

As a publisher, agent, author or any ­­creator, how do you respond effectively to people who want to use and share your content? And how does your business manage these activities in a sustainable way?

CCC’s innovative rights licensing tools make it easy for businesses and academic institutions to secure permissions to reuse and share content and, simultaneously, ensure that you are compensated for its use.

Through CCC’s Licensing Services, you can reach millions of employees around the world from more than 35,000 companies and thousands of colleges and universities, creating significant revenue opportunities for your business and reducing the burden of one-off permissions requests. Also, through the Republication Service, you can both earn new revenue and easily secure broad and explicit sets of republication rights through Copyright.com.

In addition, with RightsLink, you can automate permissions requests directly from your website or mobile application – providing a real-time, robust transactional experience to your customers.

Finally, using RightsCentral, you can manage your participation in CCC’s services, update titles and fees, research royalty trends and download title usage reports – giving you greater control and insight into how your content is being used.

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