Order Assistance Program

Do You Need Help Requesting Permissions?

CCC offers trusted permissions expertise for publishers, authors, agents, academics and corporate employees.

Getting permission to reuse previously published content in new and republished works can be labor-intensive, time-consuming, slow and inefficient.

  • Who do you contact in order to request permissions?
  • What permissions do you have and which ones do you need?
  • Do you need to secure additional permissions to publish e-books and apps?

CCC is here to help you. We know rights and we know rightsholders.

Whether you are a commercial publisher, an author, agent, academic institution or a company developing publications for your business, we can help secure the permissions you need for text, images and other media types. CCC's Customer Service Team will help you:

  • Streamline permissions acquisition: We can help you submit all the permissions you need through our centralized services on copyright.com and through RightsLink implementations on publishers' sites.
  • Accelerate speed to market: Capitalize on digital publishing opportunities by clearing the broad set of republication rights you need in a single transaction through copyright.com.
  • Save time: For publishers, CCC's service is a great way to reduce the burden on your authors and gain peace of mind knowing you have the right permissions for your publications. For authors, get expert support from experienced permissions professionals, freeing your time to focus on other things.

Contact a Rightsholder Representative to learn more.