CCC and its subsidiary, Pubget, have integrated rights licensing with content search, access and delivery solutions to provide rightsholders with new sales channels and revenue opportunities within the corporate and academic markets. This integrated solution allows customers at businesses and academic institutions to find, retrieve and share content all within their daily workflow, and all while respecting rightsholders’ intellectual property rights.

By combining CCC’s rights licensing and management expertise with Pubget’s powerful content discovery and workflow tools, CCC is able to provide customers with a complete end-to-end search, retrieval, and rights and content management solution that makes copyright easy.

This solution helps rightsholders:

  • Earn new revenue from global corporate and academic markets by leveraging customer workflow tools as incremental sales channels
  • Enhance content discoverability and publisher site usage, and reduce the number of clicks it takes authenticated users to reach subscription content
  • Facilitate authenticated access to content, based on rightsholders’ business and pricing rules
  • Fill the gaps. Rightsholders can complement their subscription services by offering non-subscribers the option to rent, purchase and secure permissions to reuse content

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