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The Multinational Copyright License


One License, Millions of Content Sources

The Multinational Copyright License simplifies content sharing across borders. With the Multinational Copyright License, employees in your organization have access to more than 650 million usage rights from millions of content sources offered by 12,000 publishers worldwide in one annual license. The license provides a simple and cost-effective way to help your employees share content and make copyright compliance easy across national borders.



License Benefits:

  • Save effort and money by reducing time spent pursuing permissions individually
  • Benefit from a consistent set of usage rights across all participating rightsholders
  • Significantly reduce your organization's copyright infringement risk
  • Share and store published content across borders while remaining copyright compliant
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Get instant rights information with DirectPathâ„¢

Included with the purchase of a Multinational Copyright License, DirectPathâ„¢ displays your license rights to your employees around the globe with just a few clicks online. It provides the possibility to quickly check license coverage without interrupting your workflow. Learn more about DirectPath

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Learn More

To learn more about the Multinational Copyright License, contact Kate Alzapiedi via email or at +31 20 312 0437.