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RightsLink Publication Services

Improve Author Relations and Operations

The scholarly publishing community faces tremendous pressure today: tight budgets, busy staff and a continually rising volume of submitted manuscripts. Yet, it's critical you remain focused on what matters most: offering valuable content, ensuring speed to market and maintaining strong author relations.


Video & Audio Case Study with AIP and Informa Healthcare

Lori Carlin of American Institute of Physics and Darren Gillgrass of Informa Healthcare joined CCC to discuss how they have leveraged RightsLink to effectively manage their author programs. Learn from their experiences here:


RightsLink Publication Services automates the processing, invoicing and collection of your author fees. It provides your authors with a professional transactional experience that sets you apart and allows your team to remain focused on speed to market.

Use RightsLink to:

  • Efficiently collect author fees: Color and page charges, Open Access Author Publication Charges (APCs), author offprint / reprint orders and more.
  • Monitor real-time reporting on all orders and inform business decisions
  • Manage all customer service, billing and collection activities with your authors in a professional, timely manner

RightsLink is a customizable solution that can be integrated into any journal production system and manuscript submission workflow.

Contact a RightsLink Representative to learn more about how RightsLink Publication Services can help you improve collections of author fees.