RightsLink Basic
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RightsLink Basic

RightsLink Basic is an easy-to-implement, web-based solution that allows you to license book and journal content, as well as images and videos, to your users from your website. This service is free to set up with no maintenance costs for any publisher or author enrolled in CCC's licensing services.

Simply add CCC's "Get Permissions" button to your site. When your readers find content they want to use and share, they click the button and connect instantly to licensing services at copyright.com. Staying within their workflow, your customers can quickly check available rights and pay for those they need.

Implementing RightsLink Basic is Easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enroll in CCC's licensing services
    If you have not already done so, enroll online or contact your CCC rightsholder representative for assistance.
  2. Add the "Get Permissions" button to your website
    For details, visit www.copyright.com/getpermission.


Royalty Reports are available at rightscentral.com

Log into RightsCentral — your CCC reporting and communications hub — to run custom royalty, content usage and order status reports.

Available for Publishers of All Sizes

RightsLink is available for publishers of all sizes and with licensing and permissions needs for all content types. CCC offers RightsLink Basic, RightsLink Plus and RightsLink Premium.

Contact a RightsLink Basic Representative to learn more about how RightsLink Basic can help you increase revenue from permissions licensing.