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RightsLink Suite of Licensing Services

As a publisher, you have invested heavily in extending your content online and building a digital business model. Maximize the return on your investment with RightsLink, a solution that allows your customers to license content quickly wherever your content resides.

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By implementing RightsLink onto your website or into your mobile application, you will:

  • Increase your overall revenue by monetizing your content
  • Streamline your entire online licensing process
  • Enhance the licensing experience for your customers

RightsLink Facilitates:


Available for Publishers of All Sizes

RightsLink is available for publishers of all sizes and with licensing and permissions needs for all content types. CCC offers RightsLink Basic, RightsLink Plus and RightsLink Premium.


RightsLink for Partners

Copyright Clearance Center partners with leading application and service providers in the academic and corporate markets, and with publishers across multiple disciplines, to provide users with simple-to-use rights licensing tools.

Contact a RightsLink Representative to learn more about how RightsLink can help you increase revenue from permissions and reprint licensing.





Attention STM Members

CCC and STM have partnered to offer members a special discount on RightsLink. Learn more.


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