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RightsLink for Open Access

A flexible platform for managing author charges

New business models in publishing have triggered new complexities for everyone.

The demands are great. Publishers want efficiency and flexibility; authors require a smooth and effortless process; funders require proof of compliance with their OA policies.

RightsLink® for Open Access streamlines the entire author fee transaction by seamlessly integrating with editorial and production workflows. Open Access charges, page charges, color charges – at every step, RightsLink ensures that critical research gets published as quickly as possible.

End-to-end Solution

From article submission to post-publication permissions, RightsLink handles the job:

  • Open Access charges
  • Page and color charges
  • Efficient billing and collections
  • Dedicated customer service to authors
  • Easy compliance with funding requirements
  • Robust reporting for you and your stakeholders
  • Multicurrency invoicing

Tough time keeping up on the changing OA market?

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More information about RightsLink:

Contact a RightsLink Representative to learn more about how CCC can help you can manage your Open Access strategy.