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Your employees need information fast. They also need the rights to share it with colleagues no matter where they're located. Information managers are challenged with securing that information in the most cost-effective way. Now there's a simple way to get and share content quickly and responsibly and track its usage across your organization.

The DirectPath™ content workflow solution from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) streamlines access to content so you can stay up-to-date on the latest advances in technology, health and safety issues, federal and state regulations and market conditions in your industry.

Breathe easy knowing you get a consistent set of usage rights for millions of print and digital publications to complement your existing subscriptions. You can even get rights to show movies and TV programs at work.

CCC also gives you real-time content usage analytics to help you make more informed purchases and provide your employees with the information they value most.

Streamline your Content Workflow

  • Search for and access content across your collections
  • Share articles responsibly on health risks, formulation advancements, sustainability and more from millions of journals, blogs and newspapers
  • Track content usage to optimize your content spending
  • Strengthen your copyright compliance and corporate governance programs



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To learn how DirectPath can help you maximize your content and licensing spend, operate more efficiently and prevent unnecessary costs, contact us at +1.978.750.8400, option 3, or click here.


Whitepaper - The Risky Business of Information Sharing: Why You Should Care about Copyright


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To learn how DirectPath can help you, contact us at +1.978.750.8400, option 3, or click here.