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Your employees depend on the exchange of information to stay current on the latest news about market conditions, compliance issues, technology and emerging markets. While you make every effort to ensure they share that published material responsibly, there are simple ways to streamline and strengthen your compliance program.

Copyright Clearance Center's (CCC's) licensing solutions give all of your employees-no matter where they're located-the rights to share content from millions of journals, books and other information sources. Plus, they can see their license rights in seconds.

You save the time and hassle of pursuing permissions one copyright holder at a time. You can also breathe easy knowing these solutions minimize your copyright infringement risk and strengthen your corporate governance standards.

You can even get rights to show movies and TV programs at work.


Compliance Made Simple

  • Share articles on regulation and compliance, risk management and green strategies and more from millions of journals, blogs and newspapers
  • Exchange information through email, hard copies and collaboration tools
  • Check your content usage rights in real-time
  • Save time and expense of tracking individual permissions

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To learn how the CCC solution can help you manage copyright compliance efficiently and minimize your organization's infringement risk, contact us at +1.978.750.8400, option 3, or click here.

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To learn how the CCC solution can help you, contact us at +1.978.750.8400, option 3, or click here.