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Get It Now from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) complements your interlibrary loan (ILL) services by providing library patrons with the immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- through a, cost-effective, and easy-to-use application integrated into your ILL workflow and/or OpenURL link resolver.

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Get It Now is a cost-effective, always-on service that gives library patrons instant access to valuable journal content from leading publishers -- and it's easy to implement. What's more, Get It Now lets you control how the service is accessed by offering both an unmediated OpenURL Link option and a librarian-mediated ILL option.


By implementing Get It Now you:

  • Deliver timely access to content - Get It Now delivers high-quality, full-text, color PDFs of unsubscribed journal content to patrons.
  • Increase operational efficiencies - Traditional ILL borrowing often results in unnecessary expense and wasted effort when articles arrive long after patrons need them. Get It Now satisfies the time-sensitive needs of patrons, helps your library staff save time and money, and adds greater value to your institution's library services.
  • Streamline your ordering and invoicing process - Instead of requiring patrons to navigate between multiple publisher websites, each with different access, payment and invoice methods, Get It Now fulfills content requests through a single centralized service. Pay for article purchases using your OCLC IFM account. Monthly or semimonthly invoicing is available.
  • Control how the service is accessed - Get It Now can be configured in two ways: A mediated option which lets you keep access to Get It Now behind the library desk, and deliver PDFs via Odyssey, or the unmediated option which lets you make the service available to patrons on your library's website. Built-in safeguards ensure orders adhere to budget and library policies.


Use Get It Now with the Annual Copyright License

If you have an Annual Copyright License from CCC, you have the rights to share articles obtained through Get It Now with students, faculty and staff across your institution in coursepacks, e-reserves, course management system postings, institution emails and more.

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