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Get a real-time view of content usage and spending

The PaperStats® content usage and spend analytics tool helps you optimize your content subscriptions and purchases. With PaperStats, you can easily identify the content your patrons or colleagues use, assess spending and quantify the value of your content purchases.

Simply enter your publisher admin logins and PaperStats delivers consolidated usage, cost and other reports directly to you based on data from your publisher subscriptions and other content platforms. This same data also keeps PaperStats up-to-date with your most current holdings information.

PaperStats helps you:

  • Save library staff time
  • Save your library money
  • Make educated collection development decisions
  • Get an in depth look at your organization's content usage

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PaperStats: Overview


Data Driven Collections Development in the Library

Learn how you can leverage your usage and cost statistics to make data-driven collections development decisions. Watch now.