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Convey the big ideas, generate enthusiasm and drive home key points.

The Motion Picture License allows you to legally show scenes and full-length motion pictures and television programs in your organization for sales meetings, employee development and training programs, company-wide events and more while respecting the rights of content creators.

Train your employees to use CCC's Motion Picture License

If your company has a Motion Picture License from CCC, it's important that you advise employees of the benefits of using video content in their presentations.  Here is a sample announcement that you can send in a company-wide email or post to your Intranet site.  Read more.

Why Use Motion Picture Content?

Learn four key steps in helping your audience take the information from their heads to their hearts with author and trainer Becky Pluth's explanation on why the use of movies to train and inspire is so effective. Read more.

Which Movie or Scene is Best to Use?

Choose the content that best fits your business need with this convenient list of movie
titles and select television shows categorized by theme. Read more.

Suggested books on the subject:
   -  "101 Movie Clips that Teach and Train" by Becky Pluth
"The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies" by Michael Sansolo

Where Can I Find Legal Sources of Motion Picture Content?

You may use DVDs purchased at retail, videos downloaded from online sources or scenes streamed from websites that are authorized outlets of motion picture content and TV shows.

- Search for motion picture content using online sources:
       Streaming sites: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, AnyClip
       Download sites: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Best Buy Cinema Now, movieclips 

Found your content? Follow instructions for verifying title coverage and reference a list of participating producers and distributors covered by the MPL.

Lights, Camera...Action!

Once you've determined which motion picture content you'd like to use and verified coverage, learn how to embed scenes for your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Please note that you must have an internet connection to show embedded videos.

*Please note that the CCC Motion Picture License does not convey any rights to copy or store Videos. The Commercial products and services included in the presentations below are not a part of the CCC MPL License, but are demonstrated for your convenience.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007:
  - Guide to embedding a Hulu video
  - Guide to embedding a YouTube video

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010:
  - Guide to embedding a YouTube video

Need additional help?

   - Our FAQ page can help you with sources of content, usage, and more. Read FAQs
   - Click Here to contact us or call us at +1.978.750.8400, option 3.

About the license

Learn more about the Motion Picture License.

Need a license?

Click Here to contact us or call us at +1.978.750.8400,
option 3.


" a film or television program can frequently be an excellent way to support learning in corporate training, we've had occasion to request MPLC's licensing.  We've found the process to be fast and easy, enabling us to be in total compliance without much time or trouble."

Peter Orton, Ph.D., Program Director, Learning Media Design & Production, IBM Center for Advanced Learning