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Motion Picture License

Show movies and TV shows without the risk of copyright infringement.

The use of video and film content is an exciting way to convey ideas, generate enthusiasm and draw attention to a businesses' products and services. However, in the daily rush to get things done, even well-intentioned employees may unknowingly share copyrighted material without permission to do so.

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Copyright Clearance Center, in partnership with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC), developed the Motion Picture License to meet the diverse needs of businesses and their employees and reduce the risk of unintended copyright infringement.

The Motion Picture License allows you to legally show scenes and full-length motion pictures and television programs in your organization for sales meetings, employee training and development programs, company functions and more while respecting the rights of content creators.



  • Legally show scenes and full-length motion pictures and television programs from all the major Hollywood studios and hundreds of additional producers.
  • Minimize the risk of unintended copyright infringement.
  • Enhance employee training, sales presentations, conferences and company meetings.
  • Save time and money by reducing the need to pursue permissions.

The Motion Picture License is ideal for use by:

  • Training and staff development - Drive home the big points for employee education and training
  • Marketing - Enhance presentations for sales meetings, conferences and company events.
  • Sales - Inspire and motivate your sales team and clients.
  • General Counsel - Gain peace of mind that your employees are sharing content lawfully.
  • Compliance and Risk - Protect your organization from copyright infringement risk.

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Training Resources

Learn how to incorporate film and video content into your presentations.

Verify title coverage

View instructions to search and locate titles on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) at

Participating theatrical distributors and producers

View the list of producers and distributors covered by the Motion Picture License.


"Employees contact us frequently about getting permission to use movies and TV shows in sales, marketing and training.  With the Motion Picture License, we no longer have to spend time contacting studios and tracking down permissions because we're covered."  

Gretchen L. Klebasko, Director of Intellectual Property, Associate General Counsel, Legg Mason & Co., LLC