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Looking for an easier way to get, share and manage content responsibly? Or maybe you're a copyright holder looking to reach new markets and earn new revenue for your content worldwide. Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) can get you there.

Business Solutions

CCC offers a range of licensing options for businesses from pay-per-use services and annual licenses to content workflow solutions.

The DirectPath™ content workflow solution from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) connects your colleagues immediately to the content and rights information they need. And it gives you insight into what published information matters most to your organization. With increased access and efficient collaboration, you save money by accelerating product time-to-market and maximizing the value of your subscriptions.

Annual Copyright License
The Annual Copyright License gives your employees the freedom to share content - no matter where they are located - from the most sought-after books, journals and other print and digital information sources, while respecting the rights of copyright holders.

Multinational Copyright License
The Multinational Copyright License from RightsDirect, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCC, provides European-based companies with the rights to share content worldwide from millions of content sources, while respecting the rights of copyright holders.

Annual Copyright License for University Hospitals
The Annual Copyright License for University Hospitals provides employees, researchers and medical students with the rights to share up-to-date information from millions of content sources, while respecting the rights of copyright holders.

Motion Picture License
The Motion Picture License enables you to legally show scenes and full-length motion pictures and television programs within your organizations for sales meetings, employee training, conferences and more.

RightSphere® Premium

With RightSphere Premium, all of your content rights from Copyright Clearance Center, publishers and other sources are organized in a single location and displayed from a simple link in your Web browser's tool bar. You also get valuable data on your organization's content usage to help inform future buying decisions.


Government Licensing Service

CCC offers a copyright compliance solution for U.S. government employees to share content responsibly.

Annual Copyright License
The Annual Copyright License gives you and your colleagues the freedom to share content with each other while respecting the rights of content creators.


Academic Licensing Services

From course management systems to e-reserves, technology is changing the way faculty, staff and students share information. Copyright Clearance Center's (CCC) permissions and educational resources support all the ways your campus uses content in print, online and in the classroom.

Annual Copyright License
The Annual Copyright License provides you and your colleagues with a single, multi-use license for your institution, allowing faculty, researchers and staff to share content across the campus with ease.

Get It Now is a cost-effective, always-on service that gives library patrons instant access to valuable journal content from leading publishers– and it's easy to implement. What's more, Get It Now lets you control how the service is accessed by offering both an unmediated OpenURL Link option and a librarian-mediated ILL option.

MOOC Content Licensing Solution
Designed specifically for academic MOOCs, this easy-to-use solution makes it possible to include published content in course readings and ensure enrolled students use those materials responsibly. Plus, it alleviates the burden on the sponsoring institution of having to absorb the cost of permissions on a large scale.

The PaperStats content usage and spend analytics tool helps you optimize your content subscriptions and purchases. With PaperStats, you can easily identify the content your patrons and colleagues use, assess spending and quantify the value of your content purchases.


Pay-Per-Use Services

CCC's Pay-Per-Use Services provide quick and easy rights licensing options for businesses, government offices and academic institutions to use and share content from the world's leading titles in science, technology, medicine, news, finance and more.



RightsCentral is the reporting and communications hub for rightsholders where you can updates titles, rights and fees, review and approve permission requests, generate custom reports and more.

RightsLink allows your customers to license the re-use of your content (including website content, blog-postings, e-articles, image, audio and video, etc.) according to your specific business rules.



CCC's OnCopyright Education programs are designed to help you appreciate the importance of copyright and assist you in understanding what you can and cannot do with copyrighted content and explain the steps you and your colleagues can take to obtain copyright permission.


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