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Annual Copyright License for Business

"The expansion of our license to include TGH's affiliated faculty and student providers, is additional assurance that as an organization we are further minimizing the risk of copyright infringement.  This will provide our healthcare partners timely and efficient access to copyrighted resources, allowing them to effectively achieve and provide state of the art clinical education to current and future clinical providers."

Ron Peterson
Director, Corporate Compliance & Audit (CCA), Tampa General Hospital


"Businesses thrive on the exchange of information, from research and industry news to workforce trends and legiislative reform.  Through its Annual Copyright License, CCC has made it easier for ACC members to lawfully share content."

Veta T. Richardson
President and CEO, Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)


"The assurance of knowing that CCC is always there when needed is invaluable.  The CCC license is cost-effective and provides a level of efficiency that we have come to rely on."

Fran Voulelis
Senior Paralegal, Boise Cascade, L.L.C.


"The top benefit is the peace of mind that we're in compliance with copyright laws.  Having the CCC Annual License also gets back to integrity truly being a core value of our company."

Chris Gannon
VP & General Counsel, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont


"As our firm has grown tenfold over the last 10-15 years, our information needs have changed substantially.  The Annual Copyright License will streamline our content licensing."

Sandra E. Pycz
Research Librarian, Cantor Colburn LLP


"This license allows us to go about our business and focus our efforts on protecting the intellectual property of our clients."

Brad Lytle
Managing Partner, Oblon Spivak


"The necessity to share information and knowledge is a pivotal part of the way we do business.  Rights licensing can be complex.  We engaged CCC to help simplify the process."

Lori Tarpinian
Director of Library and Research Services, Mintz Levin


The Multinational Copyright License


"CCC's Multinational License allows us to extend the rights of the Annual Copyright License, enabling us to share content responsibly with colleagues across Elsevier's worldwide offices.  Working with a global organization like CCC fits our international way of working."

Rogier van Erkel
Global Rights Manager, Elsevier


Motion Picture License


"In IBM, our corporate values include obtaining permission for any and all copyrighted materials, which of course ecompass feature films and television programs.  Because a film or television program can frequently be an excellent way to support learning in corporate training, we've had occasion to request MPLC's licensing.  We've found the process to be fast and easy, enabling us to be in total compliance without much time or trouble."

Peter Orton
Ph.D., Program Director, Learning Media Design & Production, IBM Center for Advanced Learning


"Our competitive advantage lies in protecting our own intellectual property, so naturally we respect the intellectual property of others.  The motion picture license lets us lawfully use movies and television shows for various corporate uses."

Kjell Karlsen
President, Sea Launch AG


"Employees contact us frequently about getting permission to use movies and TV shows in sales, marketing and training.  With the Motion Picture License, we no longer have to spend time contacting studios and tracking down permissions because we're covered."

Gretchen L. Klebasko
Director of Intellectual Property, Associate General Counsel, Legg Mason & Co., LLC


The Annual Copyright License for Academic Institutions



"With the Annual Copyright License, faculty and staff can focus on the business of teaching, while demonstrating the importance of respecting intellectual and creative property of others."

Georgia Harper
Scholarly Communications Advisor, University of Texas at Austin Libraries


"My students get reading materials they won't see anywhere else.  Many are from out-of-print sources or translations in overseas libraries.  CCC does a tremendous job on clearances.  Instead of spending time on permissions, I focus on research."

Sumaiya Hamdani
Professor of Middle Eastern and Global History, George Mason University


"With the license, faculty and staff can go online and quickly determine if they have permission to use the content.  It's a much easier process and the license is giving me peace of mind which I didn't have before."

Lorraine Martorana
Director of Library Services, Cecil College


"The Annual Copyright License has given us several advantages.  It provides institution-wide coverage while supporting multiple uses, including coursepack creation, e-reserves development and course management system postings.  The license provides real efficiencies for our library staff."

Jeffrey R. Rehbach
Policy Advisor for Library & Information Services, Middlebury College


"Let's set a good example at Delgado.  This license provides faculty and administrative staff with comprehensive, institution-wide coverage for the reuse of text-based copyrighted content in both print and electronic formats for educational and research purposes."

Post from Delgado Community College Libraries Blog Policy


Get It Now



"We are getting a lot of praise from our patrons about the turn-around time—how much faster they are getting articles since we adopted Get It Now."

Brittany Johnson
Coordinator of Access Services, Murray State University


"I highly recommend Get It Now to other academic institutions. There’s no fee to sign up for the service, it saves you time and reduces cost, and you have total control over how you use it."

Alison DePollo
Interlibrary Loan Librarian, ETSU Sherrod Library


"Get It Now allows us to quickly and easily obtain journal articles from publications that either we don't subscribe to or fall under an embargo period. If the article is embargoed, we might have to go through 10 - 15 potential lenders and that's not a good solution. Now I go straight to Get It Now."

Collette Mak
Head of the Resource Access and Delivery Department, The University of Notre Dame


"We're excited to be offering CCC's products and services like Get It Now to our member libraries."

Gerrye McEntire
Manager, Member Discount Services, Amigos Library Services


"I strongly recommend Get It Now to other academic institutions. We have access to a lot more titles and we can pay as we go. We're very happy with the Get It Now service."

Kristine Mogle
Interlibrary Loan/Reserves Associate, Drake University


"CCC's Get It Now is one of the most exciting things to happen in Interlibrary Loan because it significantly streamlines article procurement processing and reduces turnaround times to near full-text speed."

Cyril Oberlander
Associate Director, SUNY Geneseo


"Get It Now delivers what it promises.  It streamlined our workflow, the turnaround time is impressive...many documents were filled in less than two hours.  The beauty of the product is that it's so PAINLESS to implement and the price of the service is competitive."

Zheng Ye (Lan) Yang
Professor, Interim Associate Dean for Collection and Technical Services, Texas A&M University Libraries


"Thanks so much for always being so prompt. It has really been an easy task for me to keep track of all the Get It Now invoices and payments. We deal with several other vendors that could really take a lesson from CCC on bookkeeping."

Linda Snook
Interlibrary Loan, Access Services, Washington State University Libraries





"RightsLink gives our clients the ability to purchase the reuse rights for our products any time, any place from an e-platform, plus CCC is a known and trusted brand so they know it's a safe transaction."

Luis Portero
Vice President of Commercial Sales for U.S. Journals, Elsevier


"The Perseus Book Group implemented RightsLink to increase efficiencies and more expediently serve our permissions customers.  Now, our staff time is freed up for proactive licensing while our customers with real time permissions needs are more immediately supported by the premium customer service of Copyright Clearance Center."

Bill Smith
Director, Domestic Rights and Digital Partner Development


"The Economist has built an excellent relationship with CCC, working closely together to create a bespoke and highly-intuitive RightsLink system which minimizes staff input and maximizes sales.  CCC is consistently available to support the needs of our multinational customers, and we value our partnership with them."

Rebecca Cogswell
Syndicaiton & Licensing Director at The Economist


"STM recognizes that in these challenging economic times, our members can greatly benefit from this revenue-generating solution.  CCC has made it easier for STM member publishers of all sizes to implement RightsLink and license their content."

Michael Mabe
CEO, International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM)


"CCC's people are very accessible and friendly, and the organization is growing and innovative in the creation of new business models which have helped better serve the needs of libraries, institutions and corporations.  Services such as RightsLink have also helped streamline the granting of rights and permissions to individuals and generate more revenues for publishers.  I am also very impressed with training initiatives and webinars such as the series on the Google Settlement that have helped support and educate the author and publisher communities in an objective manner.  And the online royalty reporting tools are exceptional."

Steve Dane
Executive VP, Marketing & Sales, Brill


"We recently implemented RightsLink to help facilitate our permissions process; we're already seeing an increase in requests owing to the prominent display and integration with our online content and find that the system's ease of use is a major benefit for those seeking to utilize ACCP material."

Nicki Augustyn
Managing Editor, Chest, American College of Chest Physicians


"At the opposite end of the workflow spectrum is the new feature from CCC.  While in practice it is little more than a well placed bridge to RightsLink, the potential impact for end user workflow is much greater.  For researchers with the content they want and the occasional need to share this content formally, CCC's embedded link is perfectly placed...as such, it is a simple extension of an existing practice yet perfectly positioned to succeed.  It would be surprising if this solution or something similar didn't become ubiquitous for every paid content provider targeting mobile devices such as the iPad."

Ned May
Vice President & Lead Analyst, Outsell


"People really like the instant service.  In particular, fellow publishers seeking republication permissions for our content have reached out to let us know that they appreciate being able to use RightsLink to obtain permissions because they are familiar with it and the automation that it offers saves them time.  ASCO has seen a steady increase in the number of orders coming through RightsLink."

Vanessa Riley
Rights and Permissions Assistant, ASCO


"Originally we thought we would just transfer the amount of revenue we were producing from handling permissions manually to come in via RightsLink.  Instead, not only did RightsLink transfer the workflow and free our staff for more strategic activities, but the revenue was far more than we expected."

Alfredo Santana
Associate Director for Global Rights in the U.S., Wiley


"At a critical time in publishing, AAUP understands our members can benefit greatly from a powerful solution that makes licensing seamless for end users.  We are pleased that this new program will help more university presses take advantage of the proven functionality of RightsLink."

Brenna McLaughlin
Strategic Initiatives Director, Association of American University Presses


"RightsLink Premium is a great service, both for us and for our customers.  It makes it easier and quicker for customers to request permissions, and more efficient for us to process requests and generate reports."

Susan Driscoll
CEO, Professional and Education, Wolters Kluwer Health


"The University of Chicago Press has used RightsLink to process permissions requests for its journal content since 2007.  The greatest value to us has been providing our customers with point-of-access permissions processing.  By improving our efficiency and turnaround times, RightsLink has been key in raising customer satisfaction.  With routine transactions handled effectively by RightsLink, our staff can focus on more complicated requests that require special terms.  In addition, the top-notch reporting functionality built into RightsLink helps us to review and improve our permissions business."

Katharine Duff
Marketing Director, Journals Division, The University of Chicago Press





"Since its introduction, RightsCentral has proved an excellent tool for us not only to keep track of current CCC sales activity, but also to manage our titles and identify trends of use."

Chris Payne
Head of Copyright and Permissions, Rights Department, Academic Books and Journals Division, Oxford University Press


"RightsCentral makes it very easy to manage our business with CCC.  We're able to make better business decisions by analyzing custom reports on how our content is being reused by our customers."

Allison Durocher
Licensing Manager, Scholarly Journals, American Academy of Pediatrics


Licensing Services



"CCC is an experienced publishing partner and that is why leveraging their knowledge is vital to our growing business."

Cathleen Mattura


"Since 1987, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society has found CCC to be a trusted partner whose rights management programs give us confidence that our publications are reused according to law.  In addition, rights income we receive through CCC helps to support our mission to disseminate human factors/ergonomics knowledge and information."

Lois Smith
Communications Director, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society


"The royalty and usage reports are great and exactly what our company needs to keep things in order on our end."

Stephanie Meissner
Editor, Plural Publishing


"The Copyright Clearance Center, which most universities utilize, has an easy-to-use system.  The CCC's fees are reasonable and often the same for print and electronic materials."

Kate Douglas Torrey
Director, University of North Carolina Press


"I'm extremely impressed with how efficiently CCC processes our permissions requests, freeing our staff to work on other projects, and their offering of innovative services and blanket licensing options.  Since partnering with CCC for the primary management of permission requests, not only have we improved our average completion time for rights requests from two weeks down to two businesses days or less, we've also seen an increase in the amount of permissions revenue received."

Sara van Valkenburg
Corporate Counsel, SAGE


"CCC is making big waves in education with informational videos and topical webinars."

Barbara Brynko
Editor-in-Chief, Information Today


CCC Partner Program



"CCC's Copyright Compliance Solutions is the only service to help proactively manage and mitigate copyright law compliance. CCC centralizes coverage, eliminating individual publisher and rights licenses that are cost prohibitive and an administrative burden for organizations the size and scale of hospitals and health systems."

Anthony Burke
President and CEO of AHA Solutions, Inc.


"The addition of CCC's trusted, highly respected service is the result of cSubs' strategic decision to protect our clients from the rapidly growing risk of copyright infringement through the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of multiple media content."

Julie Sue Auslander
President and Chief Cultural Officer, cSubs


"What instantly struck me is that Rightsconnect really gets to HighWire's philosophy of putting the appropriate information in the users' hands, at precisely the right time, in their natural workflow."

Kristen Ratan
Assistant Director, Business Strategy, HighWire Press


"We are extremely pleased to partner with CCC, an esteemed organization that clearly shares our vision to drive awareness of copyright law as well as the adoption of practices that stimulate revenue growth and recognition for songwriters and publishers globally."

Patrick Sullivan
RightsFlow President/CEO